University of Lodz has an over 75-year tradition of dialogue, freedom of academic discussion and transfer of knowledge. The unity of science, didactics, education and development means that for years the University has been educating responsible, open and tolerant people with broad intellectual horizons.

Following in the footsteps of the best universities in the world and with the aim of strengthening ties with Graduates, since 2013 the University of Lodz has been implementing the VIP Alumni programme addressed to the most outstanding Graduates of the University – a group of successful people and experts, including personalities from the world of science, art, politics and business. The programme offers various forms of activity and valuable initiatives for the development of Polish education.


The VIP Alumni programme is an original and innovative initiative of the University of Lodz, which includes, among others:

  • EXPERT LECTURES and periodic meetings of VIP Alumni
  • VIP ALUMNI MENTORSHIP PROJECT for the most ambitious students of the University of Lodz
  • SPECIAL EVENTS, e.g. World Alumni Convention as part of the 70th anniversary of the University of Lodz.

During regular meetings, other distinguished Graduates receive from Her Magnificence Rector the prestigious title of ‘VIP Alumnus/a of University of Lodz’, as well as a ceramic statuette – an apple as a symbol of hard work and an announcement of fruitful cooperation with Alma Mater.


A unique career and special achievements require remarkable honouring.

When designing the VIP Alumnus/a statuette, we used the experience and talent of an artist-craftsman to make each shape unique. The apple is both a symbolic fruit of hard work put into acquiring knowledge and broadening one's own horizons, and a ripe fruit from the branches of the great tree of knowledge, which the University brings to our lives.