Linked to UL Project

Building a bond with international graduates

In October 2019, the University of Lodz launched a project entitled: "Building a bond with international graduates - Linked to UL" as part of the International Alumni programme funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The main goal of the project is to maintain links with graduates from the University of Lodz who come from abroad.

As part of the project, a study called Tracking international graduates’ professional careers in the last five years was carried out. The University of Lodz has invited its international graduates to share information about their professional careers. The study allowed UL to learn more about further

professional development of graduates and to show that they are still a part of University’s community. The study covered 860 (370 studied in English and 490 in Polish) alumni of all Faculties of the University, and in all fields of study who graduated in the academic years 2014/2015 - 2018/2019.

The respondents in the survey were asked to wonder if they could choose again, would they decide to study again at the same university and the same field of study. In total, more than 75% of the surveyed stated that they would have chosen the University of Lodz again, and nearly 50% of the respondents would once again start their education in the same field of study.

59% of the graduates answered that they live and work in Poland, and most often in Łódź (Lodz - as many as 2/3 of all those declaring to live in Poland). Below a few profiles of our successful Alumni are presented.

Alumni experience

The experience of the Alumni is one of the most valuable sources of knowledge for improving the methods of teaching and study programmes at the University of Lodz. The University is keen to know more about our Alumni’s career paths, professional achievements and possible challenges. Through sharing these experiences, the University of Lodz will have a better understanding of how studying at UL influenced Alumni’s lives.

The life stories of our graduates will form the basis for the introduction of a number of activities designed to share experiences and skills between the Alumni and the current or prospective students of UL.

The University of Lodz would like to engage the Alumni in the following areas:

  • Alumni success stories
  • Alumni guest lectures
  • Alumni mentoring

Our Alumni are our best Ambassadors!

The Project Linked to UL has been run by:

International Relations Office

ul. Uniwersytecka 3, room 1 90-137 Łódź tel.: +48 42 635 42 37 e-mail:

FB: polishuniversity

The Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni Programme.